When You Might Need A Full Home Inspection

Whether you’re looking for a new family home to settle in or you’re investing in a property for some long-term wealth building, the process of buying a home can be lengthy and toss you quite a few curve balls.

The ones that you don’t want to deal with are issues that creep up after you’ve already purchased the property, especially if they’re closer to, well, catastrophic.

The problems that hide in plain sight

We’ve all heard the horror stores with foundation problems.

You see a crack here and there, which starts to show signs of possible foundation issues.

But then you really begin to experience problems when your house shifts, or a crack goes from the foundation block up to the roof.

Or your interior tiles begin cracking as if part of the house is dipping from the rest of it.

Then you know you have a seriously expensive problem on your hands… and you’ve only had the house for a few months!

You want to avoid this type of issue because, on top of purchasing the home for, let’s say $200,000, you now have to deal with a foundation repair that’s going to set you back an additional $40,000.

Except this time, it’s not financed with your mortgage company.

The worst part is that you could have prevented it

You see, similar to insurance, most people have this weird view of inspections where it’s an unnecessary expense when trying to purchase a home.

Maybe it’s all the excitement, or maybe you thought you could identify if there was a serious issue yourself.

But in most cases, problems that come up later on were never actually visible before it was too late.

Similar to how one day out of nowhere someone gets sick but that disease was there for a long time before it actually became noticeable.

Most problems with a house that come up can be prevented with a full home inspection before its purchase.

And the funny thing is that it’s really not that expensive, all things considered with the cost of purchasing a home.

A full home inspection averages around $400 total, give or take based on the square footage of the home.

The inspection covers everything from interior walls, foundation, ceiling, roof, to exterior walls, sidewalks, lawns, patios, piping, and garages.

That’s a LOT of coverage for just $400 — and you can identify if there are issues in the walls that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

Plus you’ll know if there are things wrong with the house that need to be taken care of by the seller before the transfer occurs.

In which case, you can either have the seller take care of that for you or you can negotiate the purchase price down due to what was found in the inspection.

Don’t neglect knowing everything about the home before buying

Give us a call or visit us to schedule an inspection!

We’ll take care of full home inspections, phase inspection, partial inspections, and re-inspections.

Our ancillary services also include termite, septic, and sewer/well inspections.

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